• Name: Neil Norman
  • Position: Moderator
  • Duties:

    This officer shall be the legal “President” of the corporation and the chief lay administrative officer of this church. The Moderator shall preside, or otherwise provide for the chair, at all congregational and Church Council meetings. The Moderator shall cooperate with the Pastor in planning the agenda for congregational and Church Council meetings, and in coordinating, supervising, and enabling the other officers and committees of the church.

My professional background includes an MS in Mechanical-Aeronautical engineering from UC Berkeley with an MBA from the Univ of Connecticut.  My professional licenses include mechanical, nuclear, manufacturing and environmental engineering.  I am a past President of the National Society of Professional Engineers, and currently sit as a member of the Governor’s Regulatory Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors. 

Shalom was recommended to us by our good friends Mary and Larry Jecha who knew we were not comfortable in the other churches we had researched in Richland.  We loved Shalom and the congregation immediately and joined ASAP in 2014.  In joining we discovered that the UCC is a coming together of the Congregational Church in America and the German Reformed Church.  My 8th GGF John Birdseye arrived in new Haven in 1636 emigrating from Reading, England.  He married and settled in Stratford, CT which was a Congregational community.  The Birdseye’s are still in Stratford but after 8 generations my Great Grandmother, Sarah Amanda Birdseye married and homesteaded on the northwestern Illinois prairie.  There was no Congregational presence there in Nora, Ill and the family became Methodist.  She died young in 1870 from the extremes of that life.  My 5th GGF Rev Nathan Birdseye graduated from Yale with a master’s degree in divinity in 1736 and became a Congregational pastor, and my 6 GGF, Rev Thomas Hawley, his father in law, was also a Yale educated Congregational pastor there.  I was always meant to land in Shalom and just found out in 2014.  My back ground as a child was the Methodist Episcopal Church and later the Episcopal and Lutheran churches.  Currently I am helping out the Property Committee, the MSA Committee and enjoy working with the Tri Cities Faith Action Network (FAN).

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