Adult Education July Update

“Jesus and His Jewish Influences”

For anyone interested in understanding the profound effect Jesus had on the world, it’s important to realize that his actions and teachings didn’t emerge from a vacuum.

Rather, they were the product of a fascinating dialogue with—and reaction to—the traditions, cultures, and historical developments of ancient Jewish beliefs. In fact, early Judaism and Jesus are two subjects so inextricably linked that one cannot arrive at a true understanding of Jesus without understanding the time in which he lived and taught.

Below is the lecture schedule for the month of July:

July 2 – Lecture 14: The Dead Sea Scrolls: Earliest Hebrew Bible
July 9 – Lecture 15: Was Jesus an Essene?
July 16 – Lecture 16: The Hebrew Scriptures and the Septuagint
July 23 – Lecture 17: The Reign of Herod the Great
July 30 – Lecture 18: Pontius Pilate: A Roman Prefect

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