About Us

About Shalom UCC

What We Believe

The members and friends of Shalom United Church of Christ welcome all persons, regardless of ethnic heritage, religious backgrounds, etc.

We realize that honest expressions of belief are as varied as the people who hold them. As individual members, we are free to believe and act in accordance with our own perception of God’s will for our lives.

While we are a United Church of Christ (UCC) Christian church, essential to our diversity is the acknowledgment that love is the common thread that binds any religious community. Ours is a church where friendships are nurtured, personal growth is encouraged, and God’s spirit is felt.

All are welcome here.

Who We Are

Shalom, originally the Trinity United Protestant Church, was incorporated in 1956 as part of original Richland development related to the World War II Manhattan Project. The church was renamed to Shalom by congregational vote in 1976. Shalom is a Hebrew word described in Psalms 85 as “love and faithfulness, righteousness and peace.”

Our professional staff includes a full-time Pastor, a Music Director and Composer in Residence, and a Youth Director. Our adult programs benefit from leadership by two retired pastors.

We are actively involved in the UCC national and regional conference programs. We actively support a variety of social justice causes and have a very active Mission and Social Action program. We are also very active in the Tri-Cities Interfaith Community.

The Spirit of Shalom

Progressive Christianity
While valuing the ancient creeds that have contributed to the long history of the Church, we are nonetheless open to the discoveries of modern scholarship, science and archaeology.

What about the Bible
We at Shalom take the Bible seriously, but not always literally.  The Bible is open to interpretation, scholarly exposition and discerning the social, geographical, political, economic and religious context of its writers.   It is a record of mortals’ search for God and their response to those discoveries.

Our Purpose
To understand the kind of love and justice practiced by Jesus and the prophets and to give expressions to those understandings, individually and collectively through the congregation. 

Peace with Justice
As a congregation we are unequivocally committed to promoting peace and justice in our world, realizing that a real and lasting peace does not come without the pursuit of justice.

Open and Affirming
We are welcoming to all who want to be here.  We encourage moving beyond a visit to intentional commitment.

The Importance of Community
As members of our faith community we seek to create a family where all are welcome and feel safe, where open inquiry is encouraged, dialogue is valued and practiced,  and where thoughtful compassion is cultivated and expressed.  Active listening and honest sharing are basic to such dialogue, as is a willingness to listen to minority opinions and reach consensus. 

Interfaith Involvement
Shalom values the great religions of the world and seeks to understand the differences and points of commonality.  Shalom meets regularly with the Jewish, Muslim and other faith communities in the Tri-Cities for the sake of better understanding and for the pursuit of initiatives that are in our common interests.

Ecumenical Participation
Shalom church is involved ecumenically with several Tri-Cities Christian congregations.

Partaking of Communion
All are welcome to participate.  We have an "open table" because it is not our table, but Christ's table.  No matter where you are on life's spiritual journey, you are welcome at Shalom.